A better world is good business

Growth, big contracts and a technology with the potential to change people's lives. That is the life science company Nanologica.

- We have a product that will amaze the world, says Andreas Bhagwani, CEO of Nanologica.

”We have a product that will amaze the world.”

Many drugs save lives, but often expose users to more or less severe side effects. Nanologica has the solution to this problem. The life science company has a technology that allows drugs to be applied locally in the part of the body that requires treatment, instead of the drug affecting the whole body. It will be both more effective and cheaper, while avoiding side effects.

- Many drugs are overdosed in their original dose, so to speak. The reason is that if the drug is taken intravenously, or via tablet, the dose must be for the whole body so that the effect is enough in the problem area. We avoid this with our technology, says Andreas Bhagwani.

Nanologica works with silica, a fine white powder of porous particles. The pores of the particles can be "charged" with drugs and dosed at the place in the body where the drug is to work. A disease that could be treated with the technique is IPF, Idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis, a lung disease that without treatment leads to death within 3-5 years. There are effective drugs, but the problems are the many side effects. With Nanologica's technology, the dosage can be reduced, and the medicine inhalated, as an asthma spray, directly into the organ - in this case the lung. The negative side effects can be avoided, and the effect improved.

Nanologica is still at an early stage of development, but the hope is that the product will be able to reach the market within 5-10 years.

- This would mean that patients can medicate themselves in an easier way. If we can replace intravenous medication with an inhaler, we will give the patient a more comfortable life on more than one level. Instead of having to visit a doctor for an injection, the patient can take medication at home, says Andreas Bhagwani.

In addition to medical reformulation - as the previous example illustrates - Nanologica also produces products in chromatography. Chromatography is an analysis and purification method for producing purer substances, e.g. drugs. It is a business area where Nanologica develops products with pharmaceutical companies as a target group.

Nanologica has been listed since 2015 and carried out a directed new share issue in the spring of 2020 to raise institutional capital in the company. This meant that Robur Medica entered with a large ownership. According to Andreas Bhagwani, their fund manager Mattias Häggblom is one reason why the new share issue went as well as it did.

- Having Mattias and all the knowledge and respect he brings with him has clearly made it easier for us. He is a knowledgeable investor working at respected Robur Medica. It is a fact that creates trust and interest from both large and small investors.

Institutional capital has been a hot topic of discussion as there is a perception that one must be listed on larger lists to gain access to institutional capital. Andreas Bhagwani and Nanologica are proof that this is not the case.

- Many people are of the opinion that there are different rules of the game in the markets, but it’s not. I think it is the company that decides, not the stock market it is listed on. In our case, it worked out great. Spotlight has been an active partner and has helped us through shareholder meetings, press releases and general dialogue. They take their mission very seriously and it helps us a lot.

Nanologica’s focus right now is to do more studies on the inhalation platform for lung disease drugs and to secure one or several larger businesses.

– If we can further verify our thesis, it will open up for more partnerships, says Andreas Bhagwani and adds:

- We have a technology that has the potential to change people's lives for the better in the long run. We have grown every quarter for several years and operate in a stable and profitable industry. If you want to contribute to a better world and at the same time make a potentially good deal, Nanologica might be for you.


  • Namn: Andreas Bhagwani
  • Ålder: 45 years
  • Bor: Åre
  • Interests: Feminism and outdoor life

Nanologica is a nano technology company developing nanoporous silica particles for applications within life science. This competence is used in two areas – drug development and chromatography, a separation technique used in drug development and drug production. The company’s mission is to, through the technology platform NLAB Silica™, contribute to better and more affordable treatments for patients all over the world.