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Publicerat: 2023-10-27 08:43:17

Katalysen Ventures AB: Notice for extra general meeting of the shareholders in Katalysen Ventures AB (publ)

Katalysen Ventures AB ( publ ) ("Katalysen" or the "Company") will hold an extraordinary general meeting on November 13, 2023 at 09:00 at the company's premises at Birger Jarlsgatan 22, Stockholm, Sweden.


Shareholders who wish to participate in the extraordinary general meeting must

be entered as a shareholder in the share register kept by Euroclear Sweden AB regarding the conditions 3 November 2023,

notify their participation at the general meeting no later than 7 November 2023. Notification of participation takes place via email to When registering, please state your name or company name, social security number or organization number, address and daytime telephone number. For notification of assistants, the notification procedure as above applies.


In order to have the right to participate in the extraordinary general meeting, a shareholder who has had his shares registered by a trustee must, in addition to registering for the meeting, have the shares registered in his own name so that the shareholder is entered in the share register as of November 3, 2023. Such registration may be temporary (so-called voting rights registration) and is requested from the trustee according to the trustee's routines at such a time in advance as the trustee determines. The preparation of the share register as of voting day 3 November 2023 will take into account vote registrations made no later than 7 November 2023.


Shareholders who wish to attend the meeting in person or by proxy have the right to bring one or two assistants. Shareholders who wish to bring counsel must state this in connection with the notification. Shareholders who are represented by proxy must issue a written and dated power of attorney for the proxy. If the power of attorney was issued by a legal entity, a copy of the registration certificate, or if such a document is not available, the corresponding authorization document must be attached. In order to facilitate registration at the general meeting, the power of attorney, certificate of registration and other authorization documents should be available to the Company at the above address in good time before the extraordinary general meeting. Power of attorney form is available on the Company's website,


  1. Opening of the meeting
  2. Election of chairman at the meeting
  3. Establishment and approval of voter register
  4. Selection of one or two adjusters to adjust the protocol
  5. Examination of whether the meeting has been duly convened
  6. Approval of Agenda
  7. Election of a new board member
  8. Closing of the meeting


Election of a new board member (item 7)

Based on a recommendation and suggestion by shareholder Hallmann Holding, the board proposes that the EGM decide to elect Peter Olsson as a new board member for the period until the end of the next annual general meeting. If elected, Peter Olsson will replace Dominik Belloin on the Company's board. If the general meeting decides in accordance with the proposal, the board, for the time until the end of the next annual general meeting, will consist of Heinrich Weber, Peter Almberg, Thomas Liljeton, Ann-Sophie Hesser, Aline R. Gustafsson, and Peter Olsson.

About Peter Olsson: Born and raised in Stockholm, Peter has accumulated unique experience in both company building and brand building throughout his career.

His journey includes roles such as Head of Sports Marketing at Sat.1 and board member at the sports rights giant ISPR. Since 1998, Peter's entrepreneurial spirit has been a driving force, after he founded his own agency in Sports Management. This move allowed him to carve his own path and contribute his unique insights to the sports and entertainment world. 2004 marked a significant milestone in Peter's career when he was awarded the title of Sports Manager of the Year in Germany. His portfolio of managed talents includes the iconic Muhammad Ali, Michael Ballack, Oliver Bierhoff, Boris Becker, and many more.

Today, Peter dedicates more and more of his time to helping others succeed as entrepreneurs, and Katalysen Ventures sees Peter as a fantastic resource for both the company and its portfolio companies.


The managing director, or the managing director appoints, shall have the right to decide on the minor changes in the resolutions of the general meeting that may be required in connection with the registration of the resolutions at the Swedish Companies Registration Office or due to other formal requirements.


Documents that must be available according to the Swedish Companies Act will be available no later than 3 November 2023 at the Company and on the Company's website,, and will be sent immediately and at no cost to the recipient to the shareholders who request it and state their postal or email address.


The total number of shares in the Company at the time of issuing the notice is 6,924,185 shares, and each share entitles to one vote.


Shareholders have the right to, at the meeting, if the board considers that it can be done without significant damage to the Company, obtain information from the board and the CEO about conditions that may affect the assessment of a matter on the agenda. Shareholders who wish to submit questions in advance can do so in writing to the Company by e-mail to

For more information on Katalysen Ventures, please contact:
CEO Peter Almberg
Phone: +46 76 860 37 00

About Katalysen Ventures: Katalysen Ventures, established in 2016 in Stockholm, is a publicly listed venture developer for entrepreneur-led ventures. From our offices in Stockholm and Geneva, we actively support our portfolio of early-stage innovation ventures. As a dynamic force in the startup ecosystem, we propel visionary ideas to tangible success. With a passion for disruption, we empower entrepreneurs, provide strategic guidance and hands-on support, and fuel growth through our diverse network of venture co-developers and co-investors.

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